Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where does it all Start? May I propose an intimate guess?

  It is the Light and not the Darkness that matters and it is so powerful that unfortunately still so many people are in the dark. We are built with the capacity to do amazing things, much of which will be explored further here.
 Beginning with Consciousness may be a great start because it is at this age where it becomes shadowed more and more. By the time a child reaches the age of 7, the understanding of the world they hold at this point becomes more and more ingrained to stay with us forever.

After the age of 12, it is already sealed within. I use this as my home page to ask people why they believe what they believe about the world, and how they got there?

More importantly, I ask many of you to wonder if this world in its present condition is worthy of your children, do you wonder about the children today and the ever escalating violence, suicide, bullying, and just plain hatefulness.

Do our children truly understand they are, we are, all interrelated, interconnected, and ONE of the same?

 As adults, do we take lessons from our children? What lessons I am sure many would ask...

They know nothing other than Love. True Love with no conditions. They know Forgiveness. They know Joy.







Always, they have and hold a Love of Nature. Think about that some more. What child doesn't Love to be outside? Love the snow? Love the rain? The Grass, Stars, Trees, Flowers, and anything else you can imagine.

If we are ALL born with this list, and always come to find ourselves seeking it out as adults because it seems we have lost most of it, then I propose an intimate solution to making real change in the world:

Ourselves and Our Children.

This little girl to the left is mine to Love Forever, and to create conditions and understandings of people and the world that will keep the above list alive in her. And by doing so will help revive much of mine too.

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