Critical Self-Awareness

Critical Self-Awareness meaning:
What do we really believe? 
What do we really want? 
Why do we believe what we do?
I found this video, How my Mind Works, on You Tube a long time ago. I believe this is what we all want, in different versions of course. But the difference is what is in the Whole; of course, what do I mean by that? It is in the love, family, friends, peace within, loving her work, having time to do things that she loves with people she loves, her work making a difference, and a loving relationship with her Source. 
Yet many people that see this are seeing the income, the homes, the travel and money, money for a personal trainer, and in one basic image loving family and friends.
Loving herself and having a relationship within, allows that loving family and friends to remain a constant. The work she does that makes a difference in return makes those financial differences for her. The more peace within and love we have to give, through our work and through each other, will provide for us those things we would love to have in addition too.

So what is it that you really believe you want, and what is it that you believe will get you there? Do you believe anything less than being Whole is the ultimate answer? 

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