Unity, Defined

Unity is Wisdom
Unity is Wisdom

Wisdom is not necessarily education, nor is it street smarts, or being a genius for that matter. But, yet a combination of Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence. Education in its many mediums includes that of each other. Learning from each and every person you come into contact with, and in return that person will learn something from you. This happens every day, however, we don't take much notice of it. And in fact we block out much of what we can learn due to the unconscious ability that has been beaten into us from society. It has to be someone we know, look up to, our familial elders, our teachers and bosses, religious leaders, and so on.

Wisdom is the Intelligence within. Within, if began to be understood, lies a whole world of knowingness that we never probably imagined was even there. And the power that has been bestowed upon us by our Source, whatever that may be for you, has provided us all with the wisdom of Truth and the ability to know it. Some call it intuition, gut feelings, hunches, and so on. But how many of you actually went further into yourself to understand that intuition at a greater capacity? We hold and are everything within the above picture; within each of us we hold the Wisdom and Intelligence that the above picture depicts, and are Spiritually and Emotionally competent to be geniuses of the world. But, that would only mean recognizing we are all of the same world, with the same Wisdom, and each of us would have something to teach and learn from the other, becoming geniuses or Masters.

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