Consciousness Defined

Creating a society based in consciousness, therefore, creating solutions based in consciousness as well. Does anyone truly understand what that word means? As abstract and amazing as it is, this scientific and beautiful demonstration can provide an idea.

Many people today have heard the word Consciousness more and more. There are some major reasons for that. The video of Doctor Emoto's findings represent a much larger idea in the field, much larger than the typical idea consciousness we all think of. We exist in ONE continuum Field of Consciousness:

  1. Our Field of Consciousness applies to this whole world, and its unified.
    • Water represents most of the planet
    • Water represents most of our bodies
    • Vibrations and Energy are linked to words themselves
    • Words themselves when spoken or when thought have vibrational frequencies and energy to them
    • Thoughts, emotions, words, actions, etc., all have frequencies that interact with the environment: including other people.
  2.  "Maharishi Effect" This was something I learned of after reading Gregg Braden's Book, The Isaiah Effect, and I looked for some examples to demonstrate this idea.
    • The 1983 studies followed earlier experiments indicating that as little as one percent of a mass population practicing unified forms of peaceful prayer and meditation was enough to reduce crime rates, accidents, and suicides.
    • Studies conducted in 1972 showed that twenty-four U.S. cities, each with populations over ten thousand, experienced a statistically measurable reduction in crime when as few as one percent (one hundred people for every ten thousand) of the population participated in some form of meditative practice. This became known as the "Maharishi Effect."
  3. This is not a new notion at all. Consider in 1898, William James suggested that, 
    "there exists a continuum of consciousness uniting individual minds that could be directly experienced if the psycho-physical threshold of perception were sufficiently lowered through refinement in the functioning nervous system." 

    "James’ paper was a modern reference to a zone of consciousness, a level of universal mind, that touches each and every life. By using specific qualities of thought, feeling, and emotion, we may tap into this universal mind and share in its benefits. The purpose of many prayers and meditative techniques is to achieve precisely such a condition." Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect   

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